From an early age, I had been fascinated with fragrances, and shortly after high school, my hobby of sampling new scents changed to a new found love.

I love sharing fragrances and the stories they create with those around me and other enthusiasts that appreciate the hobby. 

I've always wanted to own a company, and have always wanted to help people discover themselves through fragrances. 

On Kingdom Fragrances, you will NOT find extremely high prices like on other websites or in the malls, and customer service is important, so you will speak directly with us, not some random person, who doesn't care about you. 

We have honest prices, first class customer service, and care about your experience. Notice the difference in the Kingdom, Join today!


Feel free to drop me a line anytime, if you have questions, I am here for you! You can check out my YouTube channel for fragrance advice, top fragrance lists, and giveaways!